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Britney Quot Ex Planning Tell All Documentary

Television network UPN, which broadcast Spears 2005 reality series Britney and Kevin: Chaotic . Britney Spear former manager, Sam Lutfi, is related to the programming of films revealing documentary about the singer highly publicized breakdown. According to the Daily Star Lutfi was said to be in talks with the U.S. Spears parents Jamie and Lynne, Lutfi has publicly accused the series of emotional breakdown in 2007 that led the singer to lose custody of her two sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline.
9.2.09 13:19

Kristen Stewart Bikini Photos Marijuana Swimsuit For Robert Pattinson Co Star

Zing by Kristen. Now, the lovely actress seems to have some in your face attitude. The young star has new steam bikini photos (not Rob Pattinson is not in them) that characterize a marijuana leaf on each breast. Who doesn t love Kristen Stewart? Robert Pattinson Co-star was spotted by a photographer who has a hit off a pipe long before the infamous Michael Phelps bong hours phone shots.
9.2.09 13:19

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Kick Back At Station Inn

Like, what is Van Morrison this afternoon for lunch? Or how about Kate Winslet? Cher is busy? How about Dolly Parton? Theyre so people like you and me, but its fun for me to think of them outside their normal celebrity. How, where Keith Urban and his beautiful wife to go on some Nicole Kidman casual Tuesday evening? Oh, wait, I know that.. Sometimes I sit and wonder what some of my favorite people are doing at that moment in time.
9.2.09 13:19

Paltrow Devastated By Love Snub

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow was devastated when he first met his Courtney Love idol rock, because the singer was really horrible to her. L unlikely pair of friends is now stopped, but during their first meeting on the set of Paltrow 1999 film Shakespeare in Love, the plaintiff was upset by the former Hole frontwoman rude behavior toward her..
9.2.09 13:19

Lady Gaga Promises Quot Life Changing Experience Quot With Fame Ball Tour

It clear that got a higher purpose, not only, you know, pointing out how some chiseled cad is a Womanizer (more and over again).. The style, the songs, the swagger ... Lady Gaga is not the typical t pop tart.
9.2.09 13:18


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